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DEKA Intimate Dr Posada ENG

Word from the expert: Dr. Antonio Posada – Urinary Incontinence: Suggestions for diagnosis and experience with Dr. Arnold

Feminine urinary incontinence is a symptom which shows with high frequency, which nevertheless is not reported by patients during the
DEKA Intimate - IntimateStory Cristina

Vulvodynia, Cristina’s story

At the beginning of 2021 I started to have strange burning pains. In the past, like many of us women,
DEKA-Intimate: Parola all'esperto Dr. Andrea Biondo - La Vulvodinia

Word to the expert: Dr Andrea Biondo – Vulvodynia

Something is changing: old taboos are wavering, well-known voices are speaking out in first person to break the veil of

Sex and Cancer, here’s who can help you. The Sex and the Cancer association

What is the relationship between sex and cancer? Why does cancer often bring with it a problem related to the
DEKA Intimate intervista Fiammetta Trallo parte 1

Word from the expert: Dr. Fiammetta Trallo – Intimate sexual disorders

Sooner or later comes the menopause… and intimate sexual disorders Menopause is a natural event and sooner or later we
DEKA Intimate - IntimateStory Francesca

Vulvodynia, Francesca’s story

“After sexual intercourse I felt such pain that I could not walk. Francesca’s vulvodynia: “I changed 8 gynaecologists in one

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