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Vulvodynia, Cristina’s story

DEKA Intimate - IntimateStory Cristina

At the beginning of 2021 I started to have strange burning pains. In the past, like many of us women, I had suffered from similar ailments.

Cystitis from bacterial infections that with a classic Monuril treatment went away, or that following a positive urine test with some antibiotics resolved the problem.
But this time there was no infection in my urine. I wanted to wait. I thought to myself, maybe it will pass…now it will pass…’ but the burning in my private parts would not go away this time.
At times, and more so than in the past, anal and pubic pains would occur, like pins that caused me to shake.
I then began to have problems during intercourse with my partner, and due to the discomfort I was experiencing in an increasingly present form, they became correspondingly more and more infrequent, thus deteriorating my sex life.
These discomforts occurred predominantly when I sat for hours at the computer while working.
This experience, alas, lasted almost 1 year, where to be precise in 8 months I performed: 6 urine tests and consulted 2 different urologists. None of whom have ever provided a diagnosis of my problem.
Although my urine tests were ALWAYS all negative, the treatment always resulted in the usual way:
“Madam, take these supplements for four months”, and where fortunately (at this point I have to say it) I was never prescribed antibiotics.
Months went by and, during one of the many sleepless nights I spent due to severe burning, I found several specialised sites surfing the web, such as OSTETRICIA E GINECOLOGIA PER TUTTI and APS – no profit.
And it was at that precise moment that I decided to go to Dr. Biondo. If only I had thought of it sooner!
Dr. Biondo, not only immediately diagnosed me with a case of vulvodynia, but had me start both pharmacological and instrumental treatments in his practice. He explained to me that they are special tools to combat the disorders related to this ‘strange’ pathology.
Thanks to new treatments with Dr. Biondo, my life is back to the way it was.
I certainly can’t say that it’s all gone, the pains or rather the discomforts occasionally resurface, but I finally got a diagnosis and now I know how to treat it!

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