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Word to the expert: Dr. Fiammetta Trallo – Intimate sexual disorders (second part)

DEKA Intimate intervista Fiammetta Trallo parte 2
No one escapes the menopause…don’t worry, we have the tools to deal with it!
MonaLisa Touch laser technology – part two.

This is the second part of our interview with Dr Fiammetta Trallo, aspecialist in gynaecology and obstetrics, with whom we talked about intimate sexual disorders related to the menopause and the MonaLisa Touch laser technology to counteract them.
(If you missed the first part of the interview, click here)

For which women and for which conditions is DEKA’s MonaLisa Touch treatment indicated?

As we have already mentioned, MonaLisa Touch is a treatment based on a special fractionated CO 2 laser system, specifically designed for the vaginal mucosa, which prevents and resolves the effects of the reduced production of oestrogen on vaginal tissue (typical of the menopause and post-partum) by reactivating the production of new collagen and restoring the vaginal mucosa conditions that are characteristic of the fertile age. A well-tolerated, non-invasive treatment lasting only a few minutes and
with no recovery time.
In practice, the woman feels less pain upon penetration due to both increased lubrication and the improved elasticity of the vaginal entrance. Urinary symptoms also improve. The restored functionality of the urethra and bladder prevents post-coital cystitis and controls small involuntary leaks of urine.
As the average life span increases, women find themselves spending a third of their lives in menopause; these are strong, motivated women, much “younger” than their grandmothers were. The lack of a satisfying sex life is frustrating for them.
MonaLisa Touch is indicated for all women with intimate disorders of the genito-urinary sphere, at any age and not only after the menopause. For example, it is indicated for women with sexual and urinary discomfort in spontaneous pre- and post-menopause, early menopause or menopause induced by cancer treatment.
Other indications are Vulvar lichen sclerosus et atrophicus, Sjögren’s syndrome and all diseases of the
connective tissue that affect the vulvovaginal area.
It is also highly effective for intimate discomfort immediately post-partum and relapsing post-coital vulvar

What must be done before treatment?

We start with the essentials: an accurate medical history taken by the gynaecologist; this is followed by a pap smear and a genital colposcopic evaluation of the vulvar area in particular, to assess whether there is any narrowing of the vaginal introitus or stenosis of the posterior labial commissure, which may require preliminary treatment before starting the therapy with MonaLisa Touch. The treatment must be as customised as possible, so it is important to have set the optimal parameters before starting.
Vaginal treatment improves the lubrication and elasticity of the vagina and bladder. Higher parameters, in particular laser power, are used. Vulvar treatment improves vulvar lubrication and the elasticity of the vulva and perineum. Lower
parameters are used. The peri-urethral treatment acts on the urethra, the duct that connects the bladder with the outside; its
proper functioning prevents post-coital cystitis and controls the small involuntary leaks of urine that occur
after exertion. For aesthetic purposes, the labia majora and the mons Veneris can also be treated for tissue plumping.

How many sessions are required and how do they take place?

The treatment normally includes three stages plus an optional fourth, lasting 10 to 15 minutes. One session per month is scheduled, with a benefit lasting up to 12-18 months, then an annual booster session.
The first benefits – reduced burning, itching and relief from the feeling of dryness in the intimate area – are felt after the first session.
The treatment is completely painless. It can be a little uncomfortable at the vaginal introitus or on the posterior labial commissure, i.e. in those areas of mucous membrane that in themselves are more painful and sensitive.
In these cases, the parameters of power, spacing, delivery duration and depth of the laser beam are changed. Some burning in the vulvar area may persist until the evening. In the following 2-3 days, pinkish discharge may occur, which resolves spontaneously. Sexual activity can be resumed after 5-6 days. No woman should experience even minimal suffering when undergoing regenerative treatment of the genito-urinary mucous membranes.

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